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Get to know the architect Expert in construction design creativity Architectural design By joint construction planning with engineers and related persons A person who understands building design and construction standards. Understand the functions and benefits of the living space Including material and budget Which must have obtained a architectural education and a license to practice in architecture Issued and certified by the Architect Council Therefore, they will be able to work in the architect profession with standard and full efficiency.

The main duties of the architect

It conveys the needs, feelings, differences, diversity, and uniqueness. From the preferences of the customer to come out into concrete through the architecture. Not just design the house to meet the function But it also looks good on the inside and out, and it’s great value over the long term. Is the author of plans for clients. Before building a house, a construction drawing must be applied to obtain a construction permit from the district office. The building control requirements and regulations will vary depending on the area. When there is a construction plan, it will create a system for cost-effective use of the construction. Efficient And the architect is also a key figure in controlling the construction of a house according to the standards that were designed and built legally. However, before building a house, architects are considered an important part.

At Trendy Home our house designs are designed by a team of expert architects with Archicad program which is popularly used throughout Europe and America. Including leading companies in Thailand Makes the house design stand out and look modern, making the design work accurate and fast. And it is also possible to estimate the price and quantity of materials that will be used in the construction. สถาปนิก

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