How to Write a Story for a Foreign Market

Most Americans receive their important information about the world from the daily news being aired on television by the networks. Since it would almost be unthinkable to collect all the world news on your lap or desktop, news organizations have responded by making their news more easily available to individuals. Newspapers have long been considered the major source of news for the average American and their understanding of international news came mostly from evening news broadcasts. Now with many people having access to high speed Internet, reading newspapers at home has become increasingly impractical.

As Americans become less interested in newspapers, the news agencies that provide their content have had to change their news agenda in order to keep audiences interested. Many major networks and other news organizations now publish news online through their websites or via news channels on television. While the traditional focus has been on world events, several news agencies have begun reporting on what are considered niche topics in an effort to appeal to a more specific type of audience. The goal is to draw in viewers who are interested in the local news and culture of a city, town or specific region. This focus on the local news allows for a more accurate representation of the news values of the host country.

It is difficult to obtain and maintain an authoritative position when you reside in a country where not everyone speaks English as their first language. In this situation it becomes even more important that news agencies produce a news report that is written in a way that the targeted audience can understand. Americans living abroad are not typically familiar with the formal writing styles commonly associated with the United States news media, and would struggle to understand the reporting if they were presented in the wrong context. Even when the news agency knows the cultural norms of the country in which they are reporting, it is important that they use a respectful tone in their writing and that they write in a way that is easy for the average person to comprehend. When they write in their own native tongue, they are also more likely to remember key words and phrases when they return to read the news.