News – What the Mass Media Gets Wrong About It

News is essentially information on current events. This can be given through several media: print, broadcast, newspaper, television, digital communications, radio, or by the oral testimony of witnesses and other observers. When a story is covered by several media, it is referred to as a “swipe file.” Usually, this type of news release contains only basic details and is used for news outlets that need one-time story material and have no plans to publish it as written.

The mass media enjoy printing up-to-date news stories as they appear; however, this particular service is not without limitation. Although the aim of journalists is to keep their audiences informed, they are not allowed to edit the news content before it is distributed to the media. If any alterations are made to the newsworthy materials in any way, it will have to be given to the concerned editors and it will then go through the regular editorial procedure before being printed.

With the advent of the Internet, all news coverage has undergone a great change. As technology has developed to a point where Internet users have greater access to the Internet, the mass media have been forced to accommodate the changes to their traditional business models. Newsprint has long since considered the written form of newsworthy material as its primary source of information. Nowadays, with more people relying solely on the Internet for news, the newspaper has to find a way to provide a service that the online public demands. One way to achieve this is by making available multimedia-based news to the online audience. While this does not entirely replace the traditional print media, it will enable the print media to offer multimedia information in a convenient and appealing format to make itself more attractive to readers.