The Best Films Of 2014

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game How would you deal with the one who somewhat developed the PC and practically without any assistance won World War II? Why, you detain him for being gay, normally. Part biopic, part cerebral thrill ride. Morten Tyldum’s development to 2011’s Headhunters is the unrealistic. And eventually awful story of expert rationalist Alan Turing.

Less sensationalized than Enigma and less generally disturbing than U-571, Tyldum’s interpretation of the deconstruction of Germany’s Enigma code is a representation of tormented virtuoso set against the phase of a world at war. The coda is cumbersome and the entwining courses of events somewhat imbalanced however Graham Moore’s content is generally astounding, bested exclusively by Benedict Cumberbatch’s dazzling exhibition as Turing himself.

Blue Ruin

BLUE RUIN by Jeremy Saulnier — Kickstarter

The Equalizer with a shopping streetcar. Macon Blair’s destitute vagabond Dwight Evans, appeared to be an impossible avenging heavenly messenger in Jeremy Saulnier’s altogether expert country thrill ride. Be that as it may.

When the one who murdered his folks rises out of jail, retaliation is actually. What he has as a main priority – which is the place where his inconveniences truly start. A film that investigated the outcomes of brutality where others frequently harp on (and now and then glamorize) the actual demonstration. It shone a brilliant light overall untidy, appalling business. The ‘ruin’ of the title gave an excellent of the stakes behind all of Evans’ pivotal, however not in every case splendidly thought-out choices. A country noir to twofold bill with our number 39.


LOCKE Movie Trailer (Tom Hardy - Movie Trailer HD) - YouTube

Locke is 84 minutes of Tom Hardy driving a vehicle. This sounds dull, however it’s actual: Locke is 84 minutes of a man conversing. With individuals on the telephone in a BMW X5. Making matters sound significantly less exciting is the verifiable reality that the plot depends on the greatest cement pour in Europe.

And that our title character is the one who is intended to manage it – however rather he’s on the motorway heading particularly away from it. In the event that you were pondering. This is the word reference meaning of “test film”. And maybe incredibly, it works. This isn’t on the grounds that Tom Hardy’s Welsh voice resembles sustenance from paradise, however it positively helps – as does essayist/chief Steven Knight’s propelled content. In the event that you haven’t seen it. And you’re in any capacity interested, lock in right away. ดูหนัง hd

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