To hire an interior designer? Which will affect the budget



To hire an interior designer? Which will affect the budget Another thing that homeowners should know that there

1. Designer is a team that works designing from scratch. Collect things That homeowners want Presenting various house styles Let the homeowner choose And draws out a construction drawing That can be taken to the contractor to bid on the construction. And during construction It also has the duty to inspect the construction to be as designed. Which the scope of duties and responsibilities of designers in different stages It is in accordance with the agreement with the landlord who is the employer.


2. The contractor has the page to complete the construction according to the design. By the scope of responsibility is in accordance with the agreement with the homeowner. Which most contractors do not have a deep knowledge of architecture or engineering. Therefore, it is necessary to have an architect to control the overall work as the main And have engineers to help calculate various structural works Unless you meet a contractor who finishes directly in the architecture, it is considered that the owner of the house is a case


3. Construction supervisor (construction manager) is a team that mainly controls the work at the construction site. Responsible for inspecting and supervising the construction to be in accordance with the form Correct according to the principles of construction And safety standards Construction control is important because construction work has many things that cannot be final validated, such as re-check reinforcing steel placement before concrete pouring or curing. Concrete (curing concrete) to get the correct time. In addition The construction supervisor may also be responsible for ensuring the withdrawal of money from the contractor is correct according to the progress. But agreed with the homeowner who is the employer


You can see that before building your dream home to be beautiful Strong and stable, both the eye part and the various internal structures Invisible It is necessary to have personnel with specialized knowledge to work together. Because the house is an asset that is a big investment in life Selection of qualified personnel, architects and engineers Understand the homeowner’s needs and communicate smoothly, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.  สถาปนิก

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