Why Does News Matter?

News is a term that seems to be present in nearly every aspect of our lives. Examples of news events include the reporting of news about crimes in the neighborhood, newscasters announcing major events on their programs, and even the opening of a new business. In writing and speech, the phrase is also sometimes used figuratively, to mean an announcement of some kind, a rumour, or an event. The term may also be used to describe an object of desire such as a painting or a new car, with the news of its impending sale sometimes being announced several weeks in advance.

As the explosion of social media continues to occur across North America, it is becoming increasingly difficult for news to be considered legitimate. This is especially true when social media is used to disseminate news stories. It is not unusual for stories to be posted online within hours after being reported, and this has caused many to lose sight of the original news value that a story provides. This is particularly important in the United States, which lack a free press, and the rapid spread of news through social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook has given identity thieves and copycats a potentially easy way to steal identities and spread lies.

Another problem that occurs when reporting on human activity is that it can easily become the focus of the news. Human interest stories make news, and they are often the most widely read stories. However, if the focus of your piece is local news, you may not have a very strong reason for making it the focus of your reporting. Your readers are more likely to be interested in what you have to say on international news, global news, sports news, and any other interesting segment of the news.